How to get involved?

It is easy. Follow these 10 steps:


1. Identify organizations or citizens who are willing to participate in the action.

2. Set up a group that can work together for the event.

3.Let us know that you are joining the actions so we will put your city (or the name of your group) on the official map.

4.Decide which type of life-lines will be painted, or which creative artistic initiative will be done, and prepare the material (see Annex 1).

5. Confirm the place where you will start the route/or where you will be painting.

6. Notify the appropriate authorities (see Annex 2).

7. Spread the event using the hashtag #BicisPorLaVida or in English: #Bikes4Life.

8. Download the official poster here, in editable format, and include the logo of your organization or name of your city. (Any editing software works; even Paint).

9. Prepare a white flag with the logo or hashtag #BicisPorLaVida, and the name of your city (or your group), then take a photograph during the event.

10. Inform the media in your city about the event. We have prepared a short manual for basic interviews to help you (see Annex 4).